Understanding how electric sliding gate work for home safety

Security is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a gate for your home. You want to make sure that intruders can’t break-in easily. Thus, you consider installing sliding gates with remote controls for optimal security. As a bonus, it can make your gate convenient to operate as well.


remote controls


However, you need to know how sliding gates can serve its security purpose for your home. It can guide you when you’re buying specific gate designs, gate kit mechanism and additional features. Therefore, it leads you to the right sliding gates that can protect your family and home.


Security features of the best sliding gates for homes


Security factors of sliding gates include the blocking of unauthorized entry, which can help you know the identity of intruders.


Here’s how it can provide such security for your household:


Sliding gates are durable and strong enough


Compared to other automated gates, sliding gates have the highest rate of strength. This feature helps it withstand forceful entry, especially if you install telescopic sliding gates. These are sliding gates that have two leaves stacked on top of each other and open on opposite directions. Moreover, sliding gates are durable enough to last for longer years without significant wear and tear.


Just be sure, however, to install quality automatic gate opener to operate your strong gate. This can help you open your gate by remote control and assure you of another security feature too.


Quality gate openers that prevent hacking attempts


Next, the best sliding gates feature quality gate openers that intruders can’t hack easily. You can consider looking for domestic electric gate opener with rolling code technology. This lets the opener to transmit new codes each time you use the remote. And there are billions of possible combinations that the hacker can’t simply get using code grabbers.


This is best to stop intruders that know how to hack using a code grabber device. Combine it with the strength of your sliding gate, they will surely have a hard time entering. And that’s without giving you inconvenience while operating.


But what if criminals will deceive you by ringing on your bells?
Fit an intercom and wide-angled peephole on your gate


Some criminals resort to deception just to convince you to go out. This happens especially when they know they can’t break through your gates by force or by hacking. Thus, you should install intercom systems and a wide-angled peephole to help you identify who is ringing on your bells.


A wide-angled peephole can help you know who is standing in front of your sliding gates. Put it in the right position, so you can view the surroundings and the person outside. Meanwhile, intercom systems can let you talk with the person before you press on the remote controls of your gates. This uses a microphone at the front of your gates, which is connected to internal receivers or to your smartphones.


Complement security alarms and cameras on your sliding gate
Finally, be ready for instances of intruders successfully opening your gate. Although chances are slim, you still can’t take the risk. Thus, install security cameras and alarm behind your sliding gates.


This can help you identify the person using the security camera. Moreover, the alarms can alert you if somebody is attempting to open your gate. This can possibly help you use the remote controls to double check the codes and locks. Of course, the alarm can scare off intruders too.


The key here is, you should look for the best sliding gates manufacturer for durable options. Moreover, be sure to hire professional installation services to get a reliable setup at. This way, you can have a sliding gate that can protect your family and home from intruders.


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